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  • Are There Any Age Requirements
    For Daily Play: 8 years old and older. If under 18, must have someone over 21 years old sign a waiver and participate with the minor. Those that under 12 years old MUST be able to safely throw an axe (avg. weight 1.25lbs) the minimum distance of 12 feet and hit the target board to participate. We also offer a kids target (plastic bristle target with plastic soft axes), for those under 8, or unable to safely throw an axe.
  • What Is Axe Throwing
    Axe Throwing is an activity that has been around for a very long time! It has always had some sport associated with it and has become a growing activity worldwide in the last several years. As a family friendly, competitive activity - no wonder it is one of the fastest growing activities in the country.
  • Is Axe Throwing Dangerous
    Yes! So dangerous that kids 8 years old and up are the only ones allowed to participate! Just Kidding! It can be if you are not paying attention, don't follow the rules and try to make it axe catching! It is equated to bowling and throwing darts! It is so rare that people get injured, even when drinking!
  • Do I Have To Sign A Waiver
    Yup! This obviously has some inherent risk to it, although historically very safe to participate in. As such, the lawyers and insurance companies require a waiver from all individuals over the age of 18 stating they will follow the rules and not be stupid! For those under the age of 18, a parent or guardian over the age of 21 must complete the waiver and add the participant(s) in the waiver. See the online waiver here:
  • Do You Serve Alcohol?
    Yes, we have an assortment of alcoholic beverages for sale. We sell locally made beer, wine and pre-mixed canned cocktails. We ID everyone, and obviously you must be 21 or older to order alcoholic beverages in Colorado. We also sell non-alcoholic beverages-
  • Do You Sell Soda, Juice Or Snacks?
    We do, both actually. We try to sell only Colorado made items, or items from companies we support. We have craft soda, seltzer waters, club soda, lemonades and even NA Beer & Wines. We also sell candy bars and craft jerky!
  • Can We Bring Outside Food Or Drinks
    Yes...And No. Feel free to bring in your own food from home, take out or even have it delivered. You are not allowed to bring in your own drinks however, this is a Colorado Law as we have a liquor license. We ask that you leave all alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages at home or in the car. Have your own water bottle? Okay, so long as it is just water and nothing else...otherwise we will be required to ask you to leave.
  • What Payments Are Accepted
    We take money in all forms: Cash, Credit Card or Debit Card. Payment is taken at the time of arrival. You can open a tab at the bar for any concession or bar items; a valid ID is required to open a tab. At this time, we do not accept livestock, precious metals or any bartering.
  • Are Reservations Required?
    No, but highly encouraged. Our busy times are not as easy to predict as the tide. Reservations are simple and FREE. Make a reservation online for any group of 2 or more and pay when you arrive. You can also always call ahead to see how busy we are if you want to do a walk-in session. TO MAKE A RESERVATION: CLICK HERE Have a party or group of more than 10? Contact us at 720-510-2965 or by email at
  • Can We Pay By Invoice/Bill?
    For large events, yes. We will send you an invoice for events booked through our Events Team which can be paid online or in person (based on your payment terms for the event).
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